53% + Leads With An Expanded Audience Strategy​

Our client wanted to gain more leads from Facebook, so we tested moving from one general lookalike audience to three segmented audiences based on % closeness to the converting audience.​
Expanding audience targeting to the broadest match of 6-10% drove
0 %

of leads at cheapest CPL​

Audience match % to core converters Leads CPL​
1-2% 47% £33.30
3-5%​ 10% £90.00
6-10% 43%  £28.86 

“Working collaboratively with the HOP team we are seeing positive year on year growth in a challenging economic climate. Emma & Kat’s confident and proactive approach from the offset means we have complete trust in their expertise to manage our digital advertising. Well done Team HOP! We love working with you.”

So what?


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