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“I have been really impressed with the quality of the audit and also the additional help you have given us as a team around identifying additional CRO capability and supporting us on recruiting and building the right team with regard to PPC.”

Mark Noble
Managing Director, Usay Compare

“The audits that Kat and Emma produced were really detailed and extensive, providing us with a number of ways to improve the overall efficiency of our PPC accounts. The Youtube audit also provided some key learnings and actions to take forward. You were both really enthusiastic and proactive in understanding our business needs.”

Lynsey Love, Brand Marketing Lead

Case Studies

Usay Compare:
PPC Revolutionised Within Just 5 Months

New Customer Acquisition Turbo Charged​

“Since working with House of Performance we’ve supercharged our performance marketing efforts and results. The strategic guidance and execution of Kat & Emma has led to our best results ever.”

CMO, OnePlan

“As a small and growing business working with agencies is often so disappointing. Our budgets are not at an enterprise level and, therefore, the interest of the agency in our progress is limited at best, pitiful at worst. However, Kat & Emma have achieved that very rare achievement: The Holy triangle of manageable budgets, exceptional results, and a world class team. Accessible, always friendly, and highly knowledgeable, they are a delight to work with and bring genuine excitement around the potential they can bring to the business.”

James Storie-Pugh
Co-Founder, Mellow.Store

Some of our clients

Some of our clients

“We have engaged with HOP over several different projects, and varying levels of engagement. It is a testament to their innovative model and performance expertise combined with strategic thinking all delivered in a straightforward manner, that we have received such great results from all these projects.”

Jack Folland, Strategy Associate
Freston Ventures

“It’s so easy working with you both, you’re really laid back, flexible and easy-going, yet proactive, enthusiastic and really invest your time in getting to know our business and us.”

Natasha Braithwaite
Marketing Director, WhoCanFixMyCar.com
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