Elevate your Social Media Advertising with Our Expert Audit

Unlock social media excellence with our bespoke Paid Social Audit, delivering unbiased insights and tailored strategies for your brand.
Our Audit service is the gateway to maximizing your Paid Social strategy. Wondering what sets us apart? Here’s a glimpse into what we offer:

What is Our Audit Product?

Drawing on extensive industry experience and leveraging cutting-edge tools, we provide an unbiased, independent review of your Paid Social strategy. Tailored specifically to your brand, our audits are 100% bespoke, aligning with your unique objectives and the audit process.

Why Choose Our Audit?

Unbiased Insights

Gain an independent, unbiased review of your team or agency's performance in Paid Social. We offer a fresh perspective to unveil the untapped potential in your social media advertising.

Efficiency and Growth

Understand the efficiency and growth potential of your paid social campaigns and current strategy. We unravel the complexities, ensuring your social media initiatives pave the way for success.

Confidence Boost

If communication breakdowns have left you questioning your team's capabilities, our audit brings clarity. Rebuild confidence in your operational team with insights from our thorough examination.

Who Benefits from Our Audit?

The Board

Leadership seeking expert insights to guide strategic decisions in the realm of Paid Social.


Executives aiming to bridge the gap between vision and execution, ensuring social media advertising success.

The Team/Agency

Executors who are eager to develop, be challenged, and gain a fresh perspective in the dynamic world of Paid Social.

Problems We Solve

Performance Discrepancies

Wondering why your social media accounts are performing differently compared to previous periods? We’ve got the answers to help you bridge the gap.

Strategy Alignment

Is your current strategy fit for purpose? Our audit identifies areas for improvement, ensuring your strategy aligns seamlessly with your objectives.

Growth Potential

Discover the untapped growth potential of your social media accounts. Our insights pave the way for strategic enhancements to drive your brand forward.


Performance Objectives

Get a clear roadmap for your team. Understand what they should be delivering to achieve your performance objectives effectively.

Where have we done this before?

"Since employing House of Performance the quantity and more importantly quality of leads has drastically increased." ​

Mark Noble, MD
Usay Compare

“House of Performance provided us with a number of levers to improve the overall efficiency of our accounts.” ​

Lynsey Love
Brand Marketing Lead, Gumtree

"We have complete trust in their expertise to manage our digital advertising. We love working with you."

Sandra Varley
Marketing Manager, Flying Flowers

“The pure & utter professionalism of the process: you delivered what you said you would, when you said, process was clear and well managed by you”

Elisa Edmonds
Chief Brand Officer, Lovat Parks

Ready to elevate your marketing game?
Dive into a world of possibilities with an audit from House of Performance.

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