Performance Marketing Audit

Are you looking to understand your performance marketing ROI or management? We provide an independent audit service that looks at your business objectives alongside your performance marketing strategy, execution and operations to ensure you are set up for success.

We look at PPC, Paid Social, Display & Marketing Operations. Helping you to drive efficiency and growth.

Reasons to Audit

Our clients are typically looking for answers to the following questions:

Depending on the questions clients are looking to answer and their overall objectives we tailor our approach.

How We Audit Your Performance

Step 1: Discovery

Deep diving into the strategy, tactics & implementation of your paid media set-up. Identifying efficiencies, growth & opportunity.

Step 2: Insights

Presenting insights & forecast potential back to you & your team; deep-diving into strategy, tactics, implementation & operations as relevant.

Step 3: Strategy

Evolving the existing marketing strategy to maximise the opportunity for both Always On & Brand campaigns.

Step 4: Implementation

Implementing the changes to drive growth & efficiencies through performance marketing.

Step 5: The Handover

We hand over the management & responsibility of performance marketing back to your existing team or agency. 

The HoP Difference

What makes our audit service unique is that whilst we use some technology, the majority is manual analysis. This ensures that everything we produce is completely aligned with each brand’s goals and setup. Nothing we produce is copied and pasted; it is all tailored each time to ensure maximum efficacy for our clients.

The final stage is sometimes completed by clients rather than House of Performance. We can be as hands-on or hands-off with implementation as required. We have worked with clients who only require the discovery, insights, and strategy steps, and other clients that want us to help them implement the roadmap and supercharge progress!

How we helped Usay Compare revolutionise PPC in just 5 Months!

Performance had been in decline since 2018, so Usay Compare enlisted House of Performance to transform their PPC presence. 

“Our conversion rate and cost per lead weren’t in a position where we could grow…since employing House of Performance, the quantity and more importantly quality of leads has drastically increased.”​

Mark Noble
Managing Director, Usay Compare


PMI leads


Full paying customers

How did we do it?

What have clients said?

“The audits that Kat and Emma produced were really detailed and extensive, providing us with a number of ways to improve the overall efficiency of our PPC accounts. The Youtube audit also provided some key learnings and actions to take forward. You were both really enthusiastic and proactive in understanding our business needs.”

Lynsey Love, Brand Marketing Lead

Some of our clients

Some of our clients

Kat Sale

Emma Welland

Kat Sale

Emma Welland

Maximise Your Performance Marketing ROI

Step 1: Quick Call

Let’s jump on a call to see how we can help you get the most out of your performance marketing.

Step 2: Create A Plan

We’ll audit your performance marketing and create a bespoke action plan.

Step 3: Maximise ROI

We’ll work with you, your team, and your agency (if you have one), to revolutionise your peformance.

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